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Business Revolution, Norwich



Business Revolution’s workhub offers a unique, motivating and supportive space in which to work, meet, network, create and be inspired. Co-workers working within the workhub offer and receive advice and support from one another, pass business to one another, collaborate on projects together or are just there to lend each other a friendly ear.

Co-workers in the workhub will network effortlessly with one another through a combination of our open workspaces, regular socials, Norfolk networking events or through the web-site which provides an easy way for businesses to contact one another, work together and to promote their businesses.

What we think: 

As we prepare to launch our Norwich Workhub, here are what we feel is important for any co-working space. Workhubs are becoming ever more popular and we are seeing more and more starting up throughout the UK and beyond. See www.workhubs.com

1. Homely yet professional.

Most home workers make their home office comfortable and a nice place to work, with great views, great furniture and all the finishing touches you would expect in a home. At the same time we need our businesses to look professional and well branded.

2. Variety of Work Spaces.

An offering of different spaces and environments, we don’t want a fight for the best desk space or all huddling around one table. You want to be able to choose a space and enviroment to suit the way you want to work on any particular day, with the work you need to do that day. It may be in a quiet spot, or it may be with offers sharing ideas or drinking coffee.

3. Meeting Rooms.

Freelancers and small business owners are constantly having meetings and often lots of them. Being a member of a workhub means that you no longer have to have these meetings in crowded coffee shops or around your kitchen table. Having a variety of meeting rooms, with a door you can shut is important to meet with new clients, or discuss ideas with partners or supplier.

4. Membership Plans

A membership plan that works for you, you need a plan that is flexible and that fits the way you work. You left the 9-5 to gain feedom, and work the way that suits you, let your workhub support that flexibility.

5. Good People

A workhub is about co-working, like you do when you work for a bigger employer, you often work as a team, as a freelancer your team is you. If you have not experience co-working get along to a ‘Jelly’ event (www.uk-jelly.org.uk). Plan your days for when people you want to work with attend the hub. Be helpful to offers to and rememeber every one is there to work.

6. Added Benefits

What else can the workhub offer you ? Many workhubs are able to offer add ons to your membership along with many free benefits. From training and seminars,  website design and IT support, discounts on stationary and supplies. If there is something you feel would be a great benefit, suggest it.


Meeting rooms
Cafe/coffee facilities
Collaboration space
Hot desking
Informal meeting space
Projection facilities
Equipment for hire
Disabled access
Bike racks


Professional business address
Business support services
IT support
Co-working/Jelly sessions
Admin support
Specialist training
Social events


We offer co-working space on a monthly basis at different rates depending on how many days per week you would like to work here.

1 day a week for £36 per month*
Use of co-working space and wifi during regular working hours (9.00am-5.00pm) Monday – Friday.
Up to 1 day a week

2 days a week for £64 per month*
Use of co-working space and wifi during regular working hours (9.00am-5.00pm) Monday – Friday.
Up to 2 days a week

3 days a week for £84 per month*
Use of co-working space and wifi during regular working hours (9.00am-5.00pm) Monday – Friday.
Up to 3 days a week

4 days a week for £96 per month*
Use of co-working space and wifi during regular working hours (9.00am-5.00pm) Monday – Friday.
Up to 4 days a week

5 days a week for £100 per month*

Please see http://www.bizrev.co.uk/coworking/rates/ for more information



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The King's Centre
King's Street



Contact person: 
Jim Drew
Phone number: 
01603 88 90 64