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COVID and the way we work

The experience of COVID 19 has changed the way so many people work and will continue to work in the future. Demand for local workhubs and coworking spaces is rising rapidly. Not only among people who work for themselves but increasing numbers of employees, whose organisations are happy for them to work remotely now.

We were the UK pioneers in this sector. We have years of experience setting up and running successful workhubs. Our own Workbox workhubs have not only survived COVID but are now expanding rapidly.

If you want to help establish one in your area, which not consider using us to advise you on how to get this right? We know that too many towns and too many organisations have gone about this the wrong way. We know what doesn’t work as well as what does. If you want to make a success of your new workhub, why not get help from the experts?

truro workbox

We can help you set up a workhub

Workhubs Network CIC are the UK’s leading experts on workhubs, home-based business and live/work property. We offer four areas of particular expertise, all potentially connected

Our setup and support services

We were among the pioneers in UK workhubs from way back in 1999. We have produced reports on the sector for Government, held national workhubs conferences and advised many companies and local authorities how to set up workhubs (also known as coworking spaces).

We know how they work because we know the sector back to front. We also run some of the most successful pioneer workhubs in the country: The Workbox, with branches currently in Penzance and Truro. We can offer those looking to set up a workhub in their town or neighbourhood a full set of support services, ranging from expert advice to launch management and ongoing back-end services.

We are particularly adept at helping to set up workhubs as interim managers, helping to give a workhub its best possible start and enabling it to run affordably without top heavy management costs long term.

Contact us if you are keen to explore any of our services:

  • viability and demand studies to test potential for a workhub 
  • business plans and grant/fundraising assistance
  • fixed fee start up service: interim management to launch and oversee the first phase of your workhub
  • mentoring of workhub staff and recruitment
  • best equipment, best services to offer
  • workhub membership management systems
  • workhub website, branding and naming: ID design   
  • members news packages and social media tools.